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​How can you explore new career paths?


Life employment does not exist anymore, and most of us, at some stage of our career fill a need for change and growth. On another hand organisation are facing retention challenges as individuals look for organisations that can contribute to their professional development.

Thus an organization that wants to attract and retain valuable staff needs to adapt its approach from one that offers training that addresses organisational goals to one that and offers development opportunities that addresses lifelong learning.​ 

My Services

Career transitions can be a difficult step to take alone. Akili Vantage career development support will provide you this space, in a safe  non-judgemental environment with an expert to explore your career options, develop yourself, and get ready to face the employment market  with all of your potential.


Because your needs are specific, your solutions will be too. I propose a personalized, face-to-face approach to career development that could include:

  • Career coaching,
  • Resumé/CV review, 
  • Preparation for interviews through role-playing techniques.



Today, I am proud to have achieved an 80% success rate (Number of clients that have secured employment within 3 months following the career support).​

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