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Team Coaching - Organisational Behaviour & Development

Have you had the feeling that you had the right individuals in your team to deliver your project yet the hardest part was to get them to work together? Power, motivation, culture, personality, communication greatly influence teamwork but can be managed and play a dynamic role in programme delivery.

What you can expect when you invest in your team:

  • Improve Communication within the team and with other.
  • Raising cultural awareness.
  • Understand and act on dysfunctional behaviour.
  • Align motivation with organisational goal.
  • Manage effectively organisational change.

What interventions will influence your team dynamic?

  • Organisational Development (OD): OD encompass a number of activities that aims at facilitating the human aspect of organisational change. examples of area to consider OD would be way forward to implement new strategy, developing new functions within the organisation, opening new office, improving cross functional team work.... 
  • Organisational Behaviour Assessment (OB): OB strategically look at existing dynamic between idividual of a same organisation and how it impact organisational objectives. It will consider specifically influences of culture, employee's maturity level, readiness, motivation, power, (natural an organisational) leadership role...
  • Team Coaching: Team Coaching will help individuals in a group to develop, communicate and act collaboratively. Team coaching is a powerful empowering tool to get very different individual (culture, nationalities, area of expertise, location, gender, age ...) to focus and commit around common objectives.
​Akili Vantage approach

Because your team is composed of individuals that are unique, Akili Vantage proposes tailor made interventions that will answer YOUR team needs.

A typical consultation would involve a team need analysis and stakeholder analysis leading to a customise proposal whereby activities such as training, workshop, individual and team coaching, or Action Research can be proposed. 



I met Sophie Bruas during my Executive Coaching training sessions at Career Connections in 2013.  She was one of the trainers and her style of coaching and delivery method resonated with me. 


The Marketing and Communications department have been working with Akili Vantage from 2013.  We have had two annual 2 day sessions where we have engaged on the area of team from a personality, dynamics and building point of view.  In 2014, Akili Vantage added an aspect of testing and the tool was very helpful in the continued conversation on how to better improve our delivery and performance of the team.


We have seen change within the team as a result of the training and we are now able to work better because we understand the various aspects that contribute to us becoming a better and performing team.


The learning and development services that we have received from Akili Vantage have been customer oriented and very tailored to our needs.  Sophie has been critical in doing pre-work with each member of the team to understand what will be important in driving the sessions, not just for the team but also for the team members.  This tailor made approach has been very effective.


We have enjoyed remarkable services of utmost professionalism and integrity. We are more than happy to recommend Akili Vantage to you for purposes of coaching, learning and development.  

Nancy Salamba- Head ofMarketing & Communication - CfC Stanbic Bank

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