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​Engaging in a supervision relationship

All coaches have doubt and questions and it is healthy in a sense that it fuels the reflective learning process of the coaching practitioner. However it is also true to say that reflective practice on it’s own has limitations. Coaching supervision provides a safe space where the coach can enhance his reflective practice and action learning, by a having a trusted sounded board that will help him to shift underlying mental models and develop a greater cognitive appreciation of its environment.


​What is supervision?
Supervision is a reflective process by which the coach with the help of the supervisor critically examines, describes and analyse patterns and themes to observe the impact of expectations and chosen coaching strategies - Passmore 2011.

​What does supervision provides?

  • Assuring professionalism, integrity and Ethical practice of the supervisee.

  • Personal and professional learning and development of the supervisee.

  • A safe environment for the supervisee to rest, refuel, and restore.

  • Space to celebrate and honour the work of the supervisee.


My Services

Individual Supervision

Individual coaching supervision is an experiential conversation-based learning partnership working through the supervisee’ stories of his/her practice to clear road block, obstacle, anxiety that might be hindering his coaching relationship. Based on 4-8 one-on-one sessions of 60 to 75 minutes each over a period of a year. 


Group supervision

2h group supervision session every 8 weeks for 4 sessions, face-to-face or by skype. Group size 3-5 coaches.

Group Supervision Process
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