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Having the right people at the right place at the right time is one achievement but getting them to work together so that they give their best performance is SUCCESS!


©Peter Hailey

Team Coaching


Have you had the feeling that you had the right individuals in your team to deliver your project yet the hardest part was to get them to work together? Power, motivation, culture, personality, communication greatly influence teamwork but can be managed...

©Peter Hailey

Programme & Training Evaluations

The greater demand for accountability and  demonstration of effectiveness has contributed to the development of programme evaluations. Eighteen years of experience at managing programmes put me in the right place to understand the need of the managers. 


©Peter Hailey

 Transfer of learning

Will it be an added value for an organisation to know what knowledge is actually used back in the workplace? What factors influence or restrict the application of this gained knowledge? Inspired by Dr Holton's work, I have developed an expertise to assess the transfer of knowledge..


In my consultancy practice I look at:

  • Improving how team works by focusing on organisational behaviour and development.
  • Gaining learning from past experience to improve programmes through programme and training evaluations.

I believe consultancy should provide resources and knowledge to nurture decisions and improve practices.

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